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Standard Members

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Build stronger relationships

  • On-demand personal & professional advice
  • Connect with special contacts that know how to get results
  • ALWAYS make smart decisions with reliable feedback
  • Share your expertise with other community members
  • Expand your network like never before
  • Use of the Bomvida networking app
  • The most trusted advisors you'll ever have:
    • Accountants
    • Lawyers
    • Relationship Mentors
    • Career Coaches
    • Web Designers/Developers
    • Marketing Experts
    • Operations Managers
    • Real Estate Brokers
    • Early Retirement
    • And more...

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Networking/Advisory Groups

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Improve your group relationships

  • Expand your network with other membership groups
  • Assist all members with their needs online
  • In-person meetings getting to know other members
  • Private area for confidential collaboration with your group
  • Bomvida markets your group online
  • The entire membership becomes your client list!
  • Fully-featured white-label site hosting for your group:
    • -Custom domain name (
    • -Your group's branding
    • -Build online lessons with video, documents, and more
    • -New member on-boarding
    • -Built-in blogging platform
    • -Event/Meeting Managment & Registration
    • -Seamless integration with Bomvida platform
    • -One login for everything
    • -Manage news and press releases
    • -Use of the Bomvida networking app
    • -And more...

Annual Fee:
$150/ group member

Bomvida is a CLOSED group. All topics, questions, and responses are secured behind the login portal. Non-members are unable to see what the group is discussing, any issues we may have, or what the solutions are. Members of sub-groups also have their own closed sections that other groups and members cannot see, view, or participate in. Potential new members are able to register any time online, but their accounts are not activated until approved by Bomvida.