How we track value:

Bomvida uses a points & activity-tracking system to analyze effectiveness of members, introduce you to people you need to meet, suggest groups to be involved with, and more.

Our points system prevents abuse, rewards good behavior, and lets others in the community know how much weight to give to any one person. Every user, whether a Standard Member, Advisor, or Admin, has the same point structure. There are no favorites. This means the community as a group makes the rules.

You make the rules

You can post whatever you want. If you want to self-promote your services or company, you can do that. Just remember that if the community doesn't like what is being contributed they can vote it down. (And no one likes these self-promoting morons anyway; try to contribute...a lot!)

If your points get too low, you won't be able to vote and/or your profile information becomes restricted (your website, contact info, signature, etc. won't appear to anyone). The system does all of this automatically. This means that if someone wants to shamelessly promote themselves, and the community actually WANTS that type of could be voted up!

This is the most fair way we know to have a forum. Everyone is allowed to decide what is important and what is not.

How points are awarded/retracted:

  • Points required in order to vote: 10
  • Points required for extended profile: 15
  • Points awarded per post: 2
  • Points awarded per upvote: 1
  • Points deducted per downvote: 2
  • Points added for answer marked as solution: 3

As you can see, negative vote points subtract more than positive votes earn. That means that justice comes down hard and fast if the community dislikes someone getting out of line or abusing/spamming the system. Achieving certain milestones can also earn you badges, which come with their own point awards.